European Integration online Portal

The following European integration resources provided by M. Nentwich are highly recommended by ECSA-Austria:


EIoP European Integration online Papers

EIoP is a fully refereed, interdisciplinary E-journal
(since 1997)

European Research Papers Archive

ERPA a steadily growing archive of quality online papers in European integration
(since 1998)

E u r o I n t e r n e t
The World Wide Web Virtual Library for European Integration


EuroInternet is the most comprehensive virtual library for EU research
(since 1996)

Archive of European Integration (Pittsburgh)
Archive of European Integration


AEI is an open access archive for E-prints of all sorts in the field
(since 2003)

AEIPlus logo

AEIplus is a meta-search-engine covering all papers and material contained in AEI and in ERPA
(since 2004)


LREG is an innovative E-journal, publishing solicited state-of-the-art articles in the field of European governance research that will always be kept up-to-date by their authors
(since 2006)

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