EIoP: Editorial April 1997

Dear reader!

E-mail has changed scientific communication and exchange during the last few years, in particular but not only among younger scholars. The WorldWideWeb is just about to change our reading habits. While other disciplines such as the computer sciences or physics are already well established in this new and open space, the social sciences in general and the study of European Integration in particular are latecomers in exploring the potential benefits of the internet. Most of us only just started to use "the net" as a new tool to work with and we still have a lot to learn about how to use it the most efficient way.
European Integration online Papers are an attempt to profit by these new opportunities. They will be a fast and ecologically sound channel for the distribution of high quality scientific papers:

The EIoP is a working paper series, not a proper journal. It does not intend to replace paper publications but represents an additional and innovative channel of scientific communication.

The editorial board encourages written reactions to papers published in the EIoP: whenever you feel inclined to reply, do not hesitate to pin down your argument. There will be WWW cross linking between the original paper and the reply (or even the replies).

Let us make the EIoP a worldwide forum of scientific debate!

Yours sincerely,
Michael Nentwich

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