EIoP: Editorial October 1997

Dear reader of the European Integration online Papers!

Some of you reported problems with printing papers. As far as I can see, these problems all relate to the different products and versions of web browsers used throughout the world. We therefore decided to make an effort to help solving these problems.

We are proud to present two new ways of downloading the EIoP papers: in addition to printing from your web browser, you may now download PDF (Acrobat Reader) and PS (Postscript) files (see the help file for further details). I hope that these new features will further enhance the quality of the EIoP as a tool for European integration scholars.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making the EIoP such a success. Over 440 academic subscribers from all parts of the world (including some of the most prominent peers of our disciplines); well over 6300 counted visits to the site; and 18 papers published (and many more submitted) in just six months is more than anybody might have expected. These figures underline the potential of the WorldWideWeb for scholarly communication and encourage us to proceed.

So far, most of the EIoP subscribers were readers only. Let me encourage you to submit your latest research results for this very special form of publication and, thus, worldwide discussion within a distinguished group of academics!

Yours sincerely,
Michael Nentwich

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