Special Mini-Issue 1, Vol.16 (2012) 'EU Law, Governance and Social Policy'

Barbier, Jean-Claude (ed.) 'EU Law, Governance and Social Policy', European Integration online Papers (EIoP), Special Mini-Issue 1, Vol. 16 (2012)

Introduction by the Editor (PDF)

Table of Contents


EU Law as Janus bifrons, a sociological approach to “Social Europe” PDF
Jean-Claude Barbier, Fabrice Colomb
Deconstructing EU old age policy: Assessing the potential of soft OMCs and hard EU law PDF
Miriam Hartlapp
European social dialogue as multi-level governance: Towards more autonomy and new dependencies PDF
Paul Marginson, Maarten Keune
EU governance and social services of general interest: When even the UK is concerned PDF
Aristea Koukiadaki

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