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Vol. 10 (2006) A Co-integration Analysis Approach to European Union Integration: The Case of Acceding and Candidate Countries Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ceylan Onay
Special Issue 1, Vol.14 (2010) 'Understanding the Role of Bureaucracy in the European Security and Defence Policy' A Democratically Accountable External Action Service: Three Scenarios Abstract   PDF
Jozef Bátora
Vol. 11 (2007) Accountability deficits in European ‘Comitology’ decision-making Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gijs Jan Brandsma
Special Issue 1, Vol.13 (2009) 'What we have learnt: Advances, pitfalls and remaining questions in OMC research' Against the odds. The Open Method of Coordination as a selective amplifier for reforming Belgian pension policies Abstract   HTML   PDF
Bart Vanhercke
Vol. 18 (2014) An information processing approach to public organizations:
The case of the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency
Abstract   PDF
Tannelie Blom, Valentina Carraro
Vol. 10 (2006) An Institutional Perspective on Representation. Ambiguous representation in the European Commission Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jarle Trondal
Special Issue 1, Vol. 17 (2013) 'Agency and influence inside the EU institutions' Bending the rules: Arrangements for sharing technical and political information between the EU institutions Abstract   PDF
Gijs Jan Brandsma
Vol.16 (2012) Beyond continuity: Analysis of the effects of the first Trio Presidency on Policy Coherence for Development Abstract   PDF
Alena Vysotskaya Guedes Vieira, Sabina Kajnc Lange
Special Mini-Issue 1, Vol.15 (2011)
'Energy and Environment in Europe: Assessing a Complex Relationship'
Choosing environmental policy instruments: An assessment of the ‘environmental dimension’ of EU energy policy Abstract   PDF
Sophie Schmitt, Kai Schulze
Special Mini-Issue 1, Vol.15 (2011)
'Energy and Environment in Europe: Assessing a Complex Relationship'
Combating complexity: the integration of EU climate and energy policies Abstract   PDF
Claire Dupont, Radostina Primova
Vol.16 (2012) Comitology and delegated acts after Lisbon: How the European Parliament lost the implementation game Abstract   PDF
Thomas Christiansen, Mathias Dobbels
Vol. 11 (2007) Compliance in the EU enlargement process: The limits of conditionality Abstract   HTML   PDF
Bernard Steunenberg, Antoaneta Dimitrova
Vol.15 (2011) Conceptualising Common Commercial Policy Treaty revision: Explaining stagnancy and dynamics from the Amsterdam IGC to the Treaty of Lisbon Abstract   PDF
Arne Niemann
Special Issue 2, Vol.13 (2009)
'Post-accession compliance in the EU's new member states'
Conditionality and compliance in Lithuania: the case of the best performer Abstract   HTML   PDF
Klaudijus Maniokas
Vol.12 (2008) Coordination Processes in International Organisations: The EU at the International Labour Conference in 2005 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Peter Nedergaard
Vol.15 (2011) Could the Stability and Growth Pact be Substituted by the Financial Markets? Abstract   PDF
Terezie Vyprachticka
Vol. 10 (2006) Cross-Pillar Security Regime Building in the European Union: Effects of the European Security Strategy of December 2003 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Annegret Bendiek
Special Issue 1, Vol.14 (2010) 'Understanding the Role of Bureaucracy in the European Security and Defence Policy' Decision-making Void of Democratic Qualities? An Evaluation of the EU’s Second Pillar Decision-making Procedure Abstract   PDF
Anne Elizabeth Stie
Special Mini-Issue 1, Vol.16 (2012) 'EU Law, Governance and Social Policy' Deconstructing EU old age policy: Assessing the potential of soft OMCs and hard EU law Abstract   PDF
Miriam Hartlapp
Vol. 10 (2006) Democratization, Europeanization and Regionalization beyond the European Union: Search for Empirical Evidence Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anastassia Obydenkova
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