Judicial Review of the Budgetary Authority during the enactment of the European Union’s Budget
Dimitrios V. Skiadas
European Integration online Papers (EIoP) Vol. 4 (2000) N° 7;
Date of publication in the EIoP: 19.6.2000
judicial review, budgetary procedure, budget, European Court of Justice, law
This article considers the problems arising during the judicial review of the budgetary procedure in the European Union. Matters such as the jurisdiction of the ECJ, the identity of the reviewable acts, the standing of all applicants as well as the grounds of review are examined in detail. Some problems of the budgetary procedure are also highlighted and there are some proposals aiming to improve the current situation.
Der Artikel analysiert die Probleme, die während der gerichtlichen Nachprüfung des Haushaltsverfahrens in der Europäischen Union auftauchen. Im Detail werden folgende Angelegenheiten untersucht: der Zuständigkeit des EuGH, die Art der überprüfbaren Akte, die Stellung aller Prozeßbeteiligten sowie die Überprüfungsgründe. Dabei werden einige Probleme des Haushaltsverfahrens aufgezeigt sowie Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der aktuellen Situation gemacht.
The author
Dimitrios V. Skiadas, LL.B (Athens), M.Jur (Durham), is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Durham, researching in the area of legal aspects of financial management of EU resources. He also teaches European Integration Law as a tutor in the same University. He is a scholar of the Greek Manpower Employment Organization. His research record includes several publications (in Greek and English) in the areas of European Law and Public Law, as well as membership to editorial boards of scientific journals (Applications of Public Law). He is also member of influential think tanks (Greek Society for Social and Economic Studies, European Institute of Social Security); email: Dimitrios.Skiadas@durham.ac.uk