Table I

New Foreign Policy Instruments of the EU

  1. Pre Accession Instrument will cover the candidate countries (Turkey and Croatia) and the potential candidate countries (the Western Balkans). It replaces existing instruments PHARE, ISPA, SAPARD, CARDS as well as a number of other regulations.
  2. The European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument will cover third countries participating in the European Neighbourhood Policy i.e. the countries of the South and Eastern Mediterranean, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, and the countries of the southern Caucasus, thus replacing MEDA and part of TACIS. This instrument will also support the EU's strategic partnership with Russia. A specific and innovative feature of the instrument is its cross-border co-operation component; it brings together regions of Member States with neighbouring countries sharing a common border.
  3. The Development Co-operation and Economic Co-operation Instrument will cover all countries territories and regions that are not eligible for assistance under either the Pre-Accession instrument or the European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument (replacing ALA, EDF etc.)
  4. The Instrument for Stability is a new instrument to tackle crises and instability in third countries and address trans-border challenges including nuclear safety and non-proliferation, the fight against trafficking, organised crime and terrorism.

Figure 1

Threats according to the European Security Strategy

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