Table 1: Conditions for effectiveness

Effectiveness criteria: main categories Policy forum Political forum
Criteria linked to the organisation of interactions Group size Smaller number of delegates or the presence of issue-specific sub-groups Number of delegates irrelevant (all actors should be included)
Agenda Reasonable number of agenda items Number of agenda items irrelevant (all items should be concluded)
Stability of representation No or low turnover rate No or low turnover rate
Position of the committee Inter-committee relations not necessarily relevant Strong SPC
Criteria linked to the distribution of resources Experience Equally experienced delegates Equally experienced delegates
Human resources at national level Sufficient human resources in national ministries Sufficient human resources in national ministries
Seniority and mandate Senior members and/or experts Senior members and/or strong national mandate
Language skills Good language skills Good language skills
Consensus Consensus-seeking attitude Consensus-seeking attitude
Discourse coalitions Not strong discourse coalitions ("epistemic community") Well-balanced or not very strong discourse coalitions (compromise should be reached easily)

The most important and differentiating factors are marked in italics.

©2009 by Anna Horvath
European Integration online Papers (EIoP), Special Issue 1, Vol. 13 (2009), Art. 17