European Research Papers Archive

DOAR policies

Version: 23 July 2007

Note: The following policies have been definied using the DOAR tool.

Metadata Policy

for information describing items in the repository
  1. Anyone may access the metadata free of charge.
  2. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes provided:
    • the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record are given
    • European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) is mentioned

Data Policy

for full-text and other full data items
  1. Anyone may access full items free of charge.
  2. Copies of full items generally can be:
    • displayed or performed
    • for personal research or study purposes without prior permission or charge.
  3. This repository is not the publisher; it is merely the online archive.

Content Policy

for types of document & data set held
  1. This is a multi-institution subject-based repository.
  2. Subject Specialities:
    • Multidisciplinary
    • History and Archaeology
    • Social Sciences General
    • Business and Economics
    • Law and Politics
  3. European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) is restricted to:
    • Research papers (pre- and postprints)
    • Research papers (preprints only)
    • Research papers (postprints only)
    • Conference and workshop papers
    • Unpublished reports and working papers
  4. Papers may include:
    • unpublished pre-prints (not peer-reviewed)
    • final peer-reviewed drafts (post-prints)
    • published versions
  5. Principal Languages: English; German
  6. For more information, please see webpage:

Submission Policy

concerning depositors, quality & copyright
  1. Items may only be deposited by accredited members of the institution, or their delegated agents.
  2. Eligible depositors must deposit metadata for all their publications.
  3. Eligible depositors must deposit full texts of all their publications.
  4. No moderation policy defined. Assume nothing has been vetted.
  5. The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is the sole responsibility of the depositor.
  6. No embargo policy defined.
  7. Any copyright violations are entirely the responsibility of the authors/depositors.
  8. For more information see webpage:

Preservation Policy

  1. No retention period defined.
  2. European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility.
  3. No file preservation policy defined.
  4. No withdrawal policy defined.
  5. Withdrawn items are deleted entirely from the database.
  6. Withdrawn items' identifiers/URLs are not retained.
  7. In the event of European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) being closed down, the database will be transferred to another appropriate archive.

Inquiries please to Dr. Michael Nentwich, <>.


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