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Help for the input field Author

Here you may specify the author(s) of the papers you are searching for.

The input is a single word or a single group of letters. Allowed characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, " " (space, blank), "-" (minus), "." (period) and ":" (colon); as well as the special characters listed here.

Note that only one author may be searched at one time.
Note if you enter a surname and a given name, you would only get a result if the name of the author is given in exactly this order in the paper itself.
Example: Giving "Philippe Schmitter" would produce a result in the EIoP, but "Schmitter Philippe" will not.
Example: if you put "Schmi", the search result may include papers from Schmitter, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmiedl etc.

Consider the possibility to use the truncation marks (?, *). See also in the general help section:

Examples: The input "Ma?er" in the author field might find authors with the following names: "Mayer", "Maier", "Maler" etc.
If you enter "Ma*r", the above mentioned authors might be found, but also "Mayr" and "Mayerhofer".
Please note that if using the asterix, the results might be quite estonishing: The input "f*r" not only results in "Falkner" but also in "Lewis, Jeffrey" since the ERPA database cannot distinguish between surnames and first names. In order to improve your result, you might however switched to "case sensitive" and entered "F*r".

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