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Help for the input field Publication date

Here you may specify the publication date of the papers or the period in which the papers have been published.

This input should consists of two parts: the FROM date and the UNTIL date.

However, if there is no entry in the FROM-field, the search-engine will assume the 1.1.1970 as the beginning; if there is no entry in the UNTIL-field, the search-engine will assume the 13.12.2037 as the end.

As a general rule, please stick to the format day-month-year (DD.MM.YYYY), e.g.: "01.10.1998".

Zeros before single-figure days or months are not necessary. Thus, the above date may as well be entered as follows: 1.10.1998
Do not enter dates before the year 1970 – note that there are no papers older than 1993 in the database – or after 2037.

It is, however, possible to enter less precise dates in the following form: YYYY or MM.YYYY, e.g.: "1998" or "10.1998".

Note that the search-engine amplifies automatically your entry: if e.g. "1998" was your input in the FROM-field the search-engine assumes that it is "1.1.1998", and if you entered "10.1998" in the UNTIL-field, it will be expanded to "31.10.1998" to cover the whole month.

If you want to search for a paper of one particular date, please enter this date in both fields (FROM and UNTIL).

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