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There are two lists which contain all keywords currently attributed to at least one of the papers in the ERPA database:

1. In the first list you may mark one or several keywords that the papers must contain.

Marking is done by simply clicking with the mouse on the respective keyword. Use the mouse and the scroll bar on the right to move up and down the list.
Note that you may mark more than one keyword by clicking on as many keywords as you wish while holding the Control (CTRL) button of your keyboard pressed down.
If you mark more than one keyword, these are linked with the logical expression "OR" which means that papers fit your choice if they contain at least one of the keywords marked.
At the top of the list, there is a line of dashes ("-----"). If this line is marked, no keywords are chosen; the same is true for the "titles", that is the words in all upper case – they only serve as a structure to the list. By default, no keywords are marked. If you have already marked one keyword, marking the "-----" top line is the only way to "unmark" keywords.
Note: if the line of dashes ("-----") and one or more keywords are marked at the same time, the search-engine assumes that no keyword was chosen.

2. Also the second list contains the same choice of keywords and they can be marked the same way as in the first list. Again, several keywords marked are linked with an "OR".
The second list differs, however, from the first insofar as you may chose whether it should be linked with the logical expression "AND NOT" (i.e. "must not contain") or with "AND" (i.e. "must also contain"). The latter is the default option.

Example: If you have marked keyword A in the first list and keyword B in the second and did not alter the default option, the search-engine will search for all papers containing A and B in their list of keywords.
Example: I you have marked keyword A and B in the first list and C in the second without altering the default option, the search-engine will search for all papers containing either A or B, but in any case C.
Example: Extending from the last example, if you have chosen the option "must not contain", then the search-engine would go for all papers with either A or B, but not containing C.

The Keywords

For most papers in the ERPA database a series of keywords have been attributed. You may have a look at this list by scrolling through one of the two keyword lists on the search form or by checking the current keywords file (there is also a non-structured list here).

1. Note that this list is not (yet) a well structured list. It grew out of practical experience rather than systematic elaboration. The ERPA network team is trying hard to harmonise and to restrict the common keywords list to a useful set of notions and to avoid different expressions for similar ideas.
2. Note that the list includes some keywords not yet attributed to one of the papers in the ERPA database.
3. Note that the list is growing slowly, but steadily over time. This means that some of the older papers may not have been attributed a particular keyword, although it would deserve this keyword, because at the time of keywording the particular keyword did not yet exist in the list. Hence it would not be found through this specific keyword search. The ERPA team, however, is constantly working together with the authors to update older keywords.

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