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You have the option to restrict your search to one or several series participating in the ERPA network.

Just mark your choice by simply clicking on the small square to the left of each site: a site is chosen if a small tick appears within the square. Any combination of sites is possible.

By default, the search-engine will search in all sites since all sites are ticked.

Note: Marking all sites is the same as marking none: in both cases, the search-engine will search in the entire ERPA database.

Special hint: If you just click the SEARCH! button without changing the default options and without entering any searchstring in one of the fields, you will get all papers currently in the database; if marking only one of the sites, you will get all papers of this site currently in the database.

The abbreviations stand for the following series:

Working papers and Discussion papers of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, Germany (more about)
Working papers of the Jean Monnet Chair at Harvard Law School, USA (more about)
Working Papers of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (more about)
European Integration online Papers (more about)

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