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Recommended Links

The ERPA network recommends the following web sites (related to one or more of the participating institutes) as being particularly useful for researchers in the field of European integration:

  • European Integration Current Contents (EICC; previously the Harvard Jean Monnet Table of Contents Service), giving access to the TOCs of an increasing range of European integration journals, maintained by the NYU Jean Monnet Chair and the EUI
  • World Wide European Integration Events Calendar, managed by the NYU Jean Monnet Chair
  • European Foreign Policy Bulletin, the full text database of EU documents in the field of foreign policy, by the Academy of European Lay at the EUI, Florence
  • Historical Archives of the European Communities (HAEC) at the EUI, Florence
  • EuroInternet, the interactive and most comprehensive link collection in the field of European integration research, managed by M. Nentwich (ECSA-Austria), part of EIoPortal.
  • Archive of European Integration (AEI) is an archive for E-prints of all sorts in the field (conference papers, small articles in newsletters, pre-publications, various working papers series). It is maintained by the University of Pittsburgh (Library of the Centre for European Studies). Unlike ERPA, AEI is not following a strict quality policy and does not provide full text search. ERPA papers will be available for searching via the AEI interface soon.
  • AEIPlus is the encompassing search engine for both all material stored in the AEI and in ERPA.

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