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ERPA is a common access point for the following online series in the field of European integration research:

European Integration
online Papers (EIoP)
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MPIfG Discussion Papers
& MPIfG Working Papers
Max Planck Institute
for the Study of Societies
(MPIfG) Cologne

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Working papers
Centre for European
Studies, Oslo

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Jean Monnet
Working Papers
European Union
Jean Monnet Chair
NYU Law School

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Working Papers of
Robert Schuman Centre
for Advanced Studies
& Law Department
European University
Institute (Florence)

Working Papers
Mannheim Centre
for European Social
Research (MZES)

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One Europe or Several?
Working Papers
(ESRC Programme)

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Governance Papers
(Connecting Excellence
on European Governance
& New Modes of
The Constitutionalism
Web-Papers (ConWEB)
(Queen's University
of Belfast & McGill
University of Montreal
ConWEB logo
Queen’s Papers
on Europeanisation
(IES Queen’s
University of Belfast

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At present, the ERPA database contains over 900; click here to see them all! papers.

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