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ERPA policy vis-à-vis new series

Version: June 1999

Basic statement

ERPA's aim is to provide a common access point for high quality online working paper series of the participating institutions. ERPA is deliberately confined to high quality series in order to contribute to a culture of high standards in the internet. Therefore, the ERPA network is open for further online series upon application subject to a few criteria. In order to cover administrative and software efforts, there is a membership fee. Subscription is for two years and can be renewed.

Criteria to be met

The following criteria have to be met by any online series applying to be included in ERPA:

  • The CONTENTS of the papers have to relate to European integration research in the wider sense. An easy test would be whether it is possible to attribute a number of ERPA keywords to these papers (Please check our list at If a series includes both European integration papers and others, only the European ones may be included.
  • MINIMUM NUMBER OF PAPERS: at least three papers per year for the last two successive years (these numbers apply to the specifically European papers and not to the overall number of papers in a series).
    Note: By "online publication" we mean full text publication in whatever format, be it HTML, PS or PDF. Paper publication with only contents lists or abstracts but no full texts online are no eligible.
  • LANGUAGE: we do not encourage applications from series whose papers are not in one of the major, widely spoken European languages. Note that in any case the meta-data (descriptions, keywording etc.) will have to be in English.
  • On the basis of an overall assessment, the papers should conform to SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS, e.g. scientific style, footnotes, bibliography. It does not matter if a minority of the papers would fall in the category of "policy papers" – but purely policy paper series are not eligible.
  • Papers of participating series have to undergo a QUALITY CHECK which involves more than one person, be it an internal or external refereeing system. The applicant is asked to describe in detail the reviewing system applied. As with the original series, this DESCRIPTION will be part of this series' page on the ERPA homepage.
  • The EDITING INSTITUTION is either a university unit, an extra-university research institute or a scholarly association. Series edited by individuals will not be included in ERPA.

Application for ERPA membership

Applicants are asked to study the above criteria. If they think that their series meet these conditions, they are kindly requested to send an application via email to the ERPA management board (consisting of the five original members) c/o Dr. Michael Nentwich <>. The application should include the following details:

  1. Name of the series
  2. URL of the series
  3. Contact person with email address
  4. Short description of the overall content of papers published in the series (e.g. disciplines, which aspects of European integration research are treated)
  5. Describe the editing institution (if available, please include the URL of the homepage of this institution)
  6. Submit a half-page or so description of the reviewing system applied
  7. Indicate the number of papers already published (please list for all years separately) and the number of papers expected to be published annually (Note: please distinguish between papers related to European integration and others.)

The final decision whether or not an applicant series will be included in ERPA will be taken by the management board. The management boards reserves the right to revoke its initial decision in case one or more criteria are not met at any time in the future or if technical or administrative difficulties arise which are too expensive to overcome.

Subscription in the ERPA network lasts for two years and will have to be renewed by the management board.

Membership fee

Including a series in ERPA involves administrative as well as programming costs (e.g. adapting the software and the homepage to include the new member series). Membership is therefore not for free. The initial contribution is set at 900 EURO.

In addition, ERPA members are requested to contribute 300 EURO per year to cover the administrative costs or running and improving the service.


In order to include a series in ERPA, they will also have to meet a series of technical requirements since update of the database is automatical. In particular, meta-data (title, date, keywords etc.) have to be included in each paper in a specific way. For advance information please have a look at this page: "Guidelines for sites and papers".



Inquiries please to Dr. Michael Nentwich, <>.


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