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Statement of purpose and disclaimer

EuroInternet is a private site, maintained by Dr. Michael Nentwich (ECSA-Austria). The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture kindly co-sponsores this project. The sponsor does however not exert any influence on the contents of this site and is thus not responsible for it.

I disclaim all responsibility for the contents of the sites you may reach via the links collected here. EuroInternet is not intended to promote European integration nor the contrary: It is a tool for research – not more, not less! I believe that any positive or negative attitude vis-à-vis EU-Europe should be well based on facts. This collection of URLs tries to make it easier to find these facts. However, any visitor of the sites refered to from here should be aware that they are of very different kinds of nature and reliability: e.g. private or official; funded or not; sponsored by whom, etc.

Many thanks for your interest!

Michael Nentwich


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