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Collaborators and editors


Editor and Co-editors

The main and founding editor is Dr. Michael Nentwich from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Since February 2005 a handful of further co-editors helped maintaining this ressource; the (still too small!) group is the following:

Current list of current editors:

Name Institution E u r o I n t e r n e t area
Michael NENTWICH Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna editor-in-chief
Scott FERNQVIST Westchester County Government co-editor

The editors can be reached via this E-mail address: euroint@oeaw.ac.at


Permanent call for further collaborators

This database is maintained by the research community itself. The main editor is Dr. Michael Nentwich from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, but many users have helped to add new and update existing entries over the years on an individual basis via email or the Add Link form. Now, there is a new way of helping improve this site: Each link comes with an "Update URL!" link. Please use this form if you encounter a dead link and you are aware of the new adress! Thank you.

EuroInternet is also searching for collaborators or 'correspondents' as we may call them. They would contribute to the updating and amending of particular sections of this link collection. They would get a special user-ID and password which allows them to enter new links directly into the database. Since EuroInternet's financial support by the ministry is only very little and hardly covered the costs of programming, we cannot offer money for your collaboration. However, collaborators and co-editors are listed here and close to the links they entered into the database.

If you are interested in helping to make EuroInternet an even more reliable and useful tool, please get in contact with Dr. Michael Nentwich at mnent@oeaw.ac.at.


Co-operations, collaborators

In order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and provide more comprehensive coverage, EuroInternet is co-operating with the well-known WWW Virtual Library: West European Studies of the Library of the Univ. of Pittsburgh in providing access to resources relating to the European Union.

Further co-operations are most welcome!

In addition, the following persons agreed to become official EuroInternet 'correspondents' or co-editors on an individual basis:

...at present, there are no further offical collaborators...


Insert an EuroInternet SearchBox into your own website!

Insert the following HTML code and visitors of your own website can search EuroInternet via your site:

<FORM ACTION="http://eiop.or.at/cgi-bin/eurolink.pl" METHOD="GET"> 
<P><FONT FACE="Arial"><B>E u r o <FONT COLOR="#800040">I n t e r n
	e t</FONT></B></FONT><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="keywords" SIZE="25"> 
<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="cmd" VALUE="Search">

This will result into the following SearchBox:

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