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History of EuroInternet

EuroInternet started in spring 1995 as the personal link collection of Michael Nentwich when he worked as a research fellow at Warwick University. Starting with some 25 links or so at a time when the European Union was still called the European Communities and the web in general and the EU website in particular were still in its infancy, the list grew very fast. When I came back to my then home institution in Vienna, the Research Institute for European Affairs at the University of Economics, I made the list part of this institute's homepage and started counting hits from outside users. The result was encouraging and I put more and more effort into the project.

In October 1996, the list included already more than 100 entries, I decided to restructure the whole list and published the new version on October 16, 1996. Since then traffic on the site rose considerably and, it seems, the site swiftly became a frequently used and accepted research tool for the Europeanist community. I later added a feedback form and in June 1999 a fully automated link adding system based on a script found in the internet ('Matt's script archive'). Unfortunately, many automatic spiders as well as some unfriendly individuals spotted the site and started uploading links to various rather unrelated sites or just advertisement. With the help of a young programmer, we succeeded in amending the software with a filter that allows us to automatically filter out unsollicitated addings.

Over the winter 1999/2000 the same programmer, Maro Balgarensky, and myself worked hard to develop a new generation software for EuroInternet. The old handtyped HTML pages are history by now: it is now a sophisticated SQL database system with a user-friendly interface and search-engine. EuroInternet NEW started in March 2000 and also is now located on a server of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

In January 2001, we finally managed to move the database script (not the database) to its final place on the eiop.or.at server. From now on, EuroInternet can be rached via this new and final link: http://eiop.or.at/euroint/ for the starting page, and this is the direct access to the database: http://eiop.or.at/cgi-bin/eurolink.pl.

In February 2001, we added two small, but hopefully very useful features: first, the option to use EuroInternet in a frames version. In a small left hand frame, the site map appears as another way to browse through the database in the larger right hand window. Second, a Quick Search function appears on all EuroInternet pages which makes searching even easier. Pressing the ENTER button after typing in the search string will contribute to quicker searches.
Since then, we are constantly improving the administrative interface for managing links in the database.

In April 2002, a new release of the software added a number of new features. First, the spam filter was improved as it turned out that the list became flooded with totally unrelated commercial advertisement recently. We hope that this will stop by now. Second, the administrative interface was improved. Another new feature concerns the search of individual links which allows for "quoting" links.
The most important and most visible improvement concerns the updating of URLs. Now, each link comes with an additional label "Update URL!" which allows users to suggest a new URL for an existing link with a simple and comfortable form. We hope that this will induce many people to help improving this link collection even further.

During summer/autumn 2003 the software has been further improved with a view to fighting spam with a new content control module.

In spring 2004, EuroInternet joined the family of World Wide Web Virtual Libraries around the world.

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In February 2005, a call for co-editors was answered by a number of people interested to help maintain EuroInternet. Thank you, Patricia, James, Scott, Kayla and Valerie! Details here.

Since October 2005, EuroInternet is searchable via the overall VL portal, see the search form above.

Since November 2006, EuroInternet is being indexed in the ISI Web of Science Current Web Content Index Indexed in ISI Web of Science Current Web Content.

From 1998 to 2002, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture supported this project, making some of these software improvements possible. Our thanks also to the Vienna University of Economics which hosts eiop.or.at and the Austrian Academy of Sciences which hosts the database and the PERL script to run it.

If you are interested in helping to make EuroInternet an even more reliable and useful tool, please consider our call for collaborators.

Many thanks for your interest!

Michael Nentwich


This Google link leads you to a list of other WWW sites which link to EuroInternet (...over 500 sites do! Thank you!).


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