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ConWEB Papers on Constitutionalism and Governance beyond the State publishes cutting edge work in progress. The editors invite the submission of unsolicited manuscripts from social science and law backgrounds as well as from cognate fields. Interdisciplinary and/or internationally collaborative work is particularly encouraged.

Quality control policy: Papers should be submitted by e-mail attachment to either of the editors, Jutta Brunnee or Antje Wiener. ConWEB papers are edited and reviewed by the editors and the editorial board in an extensive interactive process which includes 1-3 pages of joint comments from peer reviewers, including the suggestions 'publishable as is', 'publishable with minor revisions', 'revise and resubmit' or 'not publishable'. In cases of doubt or disagreement, papers are sent to anonymous peer reviewers.

Note: ConWeb has now developed into a journal with Cambridge University Press. The journal is named "Global Constitutionalism – Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law". The Journal is edited by Mattias Kumm (The Social Science Research Center Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin and NYU Law School), Anthony F. Lang Jr. (St. Andrews), Jeffrey L. Dunoff (Temple University), and Antje Wiener (University of Hamburg), with James Tully (University of Victoria) serving as a consulting editor. Further information can be obtained from the journal’s website:


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