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Discussion Papers and Working Papers of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies – MPIfG (Cologne, Germany)

The MPIfG Discussion Papers series comprises articles based on current projects and on contributions by visiting researchers that are generally intended for publication in scholarly journals. Internal peer review assures high standards of quality. The papers are available in postscript format.

MPIfG Working Papers report about work in progress. To make their production as quick and easy as possible, they have a simple layout and are only available online. You can read the papers on screen and send comments or questions by clicking the author’s name in the paper. The author has the copyright of his or her paper. The papers are available in HTML format.

Quality control policy: The MPIfG has set up a Publication Committee. Manuscripts intended for either the Discussion Paper series or the Working Paper series are submitted to the chairperson of the Committee who typically selects one member of the Committee and one staff member or visiting fellow outside of the committee as referees. If revisions are requested, the same referees will be asked to review the revised version as well. On the basis of these reviews, the ultimate decision is made jointly by the directors of the Institute.
Referees and authors are informed that criteria for acceptace in the DP series are equivalent to those applied by first-rate scholarly journals. Working papers should either suggest interesting new ideas that could stimulate future research or contribute to a better understanding of important policy issues on the basis of existing knowlege.

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