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One Europe or Several?
The ESRC One Europe or Several? Programme Working Papers

This paper series aims to make research results, accounts of work in progress and background information available to those concerned with contemporary European issues. It draws from 24 research projects and one programme fellowship under a 5-year national research programme, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the UK. The programme is cross-disciplinary, from a range of social sciences (politics, international relations, economics, geography, law, political sociology). All projects in one way or another address issues relevant to European integration, defined much more broadly than EU integration and with ‘pan-European’ coverage. It is a deliberate aim of the programme, and therefore of several projects, to consider European integration broadly, to include a good deal of cross-country comparative analysis, and to spread beyond the usual policy agenda of the EU.
The Programme has been directed by Prof Helen Wallace from January 1998 until August 2001, and from September 2001 by a team of Prof Jim Rollo, Prof Joerg Monar and Dr Aleks Szczerbiak, based at Sussex European Institute.

Quality control policy: Papers on work-in-progress emanate from individual projects and frequently from seminars or workshops associated with the projects or the programme. Some have also been presented at panels to national or international professional conferences. All are vetted by the Programme Director for consideration as Programme Working Papers. All are currently reviewed by at least one other appropriate specialist, and comments are fed back to paper authors.

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