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Working Papers of the Vienna Institute for European Integration Research (EIF)

The Vienna "Institute for European Integration Research" (EIF) of the University of Vienna (previously: Austrian Academy of Sciences) publishes an online working paper series featuring both internal and international researchers.
EIF's research focuses on the policies of the European Union (and the differences between them) as well as on effects of Europeanization on both the national and global levels. EIF's researchers analyse, in particular, the EU’s competences and regulatory activities with regard to problem-solving capacities in the multi-level European system, focusing on a) internal EU policies, including justice, finance, energy, mobility and social policies; b) the EU as an externally-oriented and global actor in various policy areas; and c) the implementation of the various forms of EU law and the resulting effects of Europeanization. 

Quality control policy: Similar to the practice of the Jean Monnet Working Papers of the European Union Jean Monnet Chair NYU Law School, also the Director of EIF picks most and vets all papers. In addition, however, and similar to e.g. the RECON working papers and ConWEB papers, the EIF working papers are refereed by EIF team members and in appropriate cases, we additionally draw on external reviewers. Authors are asked to respond to the reviews in revising their papers, and, if necessary, the text is reviewed again. The final decision is taken by the Director.

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