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European Governance Papers (EUROGOV)

EUROGOV was a peer-reviewed working paper series in the interdisciplinary field of 'European governance' research. It has been published by two major networks funded by the European Union's 6th Framework Programme of Research:
(Connecting Excellence on European Governance) &
(New Modes of Governance)
Due to the end of CONNEX and NEWGOV the EUROGOV paper series was closed in 2008. Papers are available online in Adobe PDF format.

Quality control policy: The Editor-in-Chief may reject fully unsuitable manuscripts in limine. In general, one referee per paper will be appointed. In the case of a negative report or when the referee asks for major revisions, the author(s) are given the opportunity to revise and resubmit. As a general rule, the same referee will have a look also at the revised paper, unless the author(s) complain or fully disagree with the referee report. In this case, the author(s) appeal to the Editor-in-Chief who will appoint another referee. The second referee will receive the report of the first referee. If the second expert opinion is positive, the Subject Editor will recommend publication to the Editorial Board. Otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected.

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