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The Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung – an institute of the University of Mannheim – was founded in 1989. The MZES focuses on comparative European research and research on European integration and aims to combine the two.

Up to 1998 there were several series of working papers at the MZES. Since 1999, following a restructuring of the research departments, there is only one working paper series for the entire MZES. All MZES working papers since 1997 are available in PDF format; thematically relevant papers are listed with ERPA. Abstracts of working papers published before 1997 are available on the MZES Web server.

Quality control policy: Two reviewers are responsible for deciding whether to accept a paper, the project director and the department head. In case of conflict, the director of the MZES is called on to decide. The director of the MZES is also called on if the project director and department head are the same person.

The complete MZES Working Paper series can be found at the following site:

More information about the MZES can be found here:


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